Exposed Shower

Exposed Showers

Exposed showers offer a great versatile option for upgrading your bath or shower room. Generally easier to install than concealed valves, their designs make them a standout feature with a variety of styles and complementary series to choose from whilst still offering an invigorating shower experience.

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Exposed showers are wall mounted and easy to use. The top quality bar shower valve means there is no need to fit a separate shower valve to the wall as it is already integrated with the exposed shower. The shower head is the showers main feature, and here at Willesden Bathrooms we offer a stylish range of modern round and square shower heads and traditional vintage styles for you to choose from to match the look of your bathroom.

Also choose from an exposed shower with a slider rail for added flexibility, or a wall bracket for the shower handset, handy for an easy to reach shower handset when washing your hair or pets in the bath.