Bathrooms aren't just about the baths, showers and taps - keep in mind the essential role of storage in making the most of your bathroom.

Storage often gets forgotten about until we need it most - everything from shower products, to make-up, cleaning products, tooth brushes, creams, shaving foams... As with anyone who likes to take care of themselves and their home, these can quickly pile up and crowd out your bathroom!

Fitted bathroom furniture: getting it right

While size and shape are both important, the key to good bathroom storage is positioning. Get the right bathroom furniture in the right place and you’ll find it makes your life easier – no more tidying up after yourself, your partner, or your kids, because with easy access storage at arm’s reach away, putting things back where you found them will become second nature for everyone.

Recommended Product: JERSEY 550mm Wide Freestanding Vanity Unit

What’s the best storage solution for me?

The most popular and go-to piece of bathroom furniture is… the simple mirror cabinet. The reason there are these right across the country in so many homes (and why one will very likely suit you, too) is simple: hidden shelving for small items that you use every day, tucked behind a nice big mirror. Everything you need to get ready for the day, all in one place.

And if I need something a bit bigger?

Another popular choice of bathroom unit is the vanity or basin unit.

Because most good bathroom storage ideas are incredibly simple, allowing you to save space by buying one item that combines one or two different functions together, bathroom vanity units are dual purpose: they store your stuff - they provide a surface for your wash basin to sit on a handy space within arms reach underneath the washbasin while you brush your teeth or wash your face.

Recommended Product: NAPOLEON Wall-hung Vanity Units

Bulk storage

With your everyday items nestled just where they’re needed, it’s time to come up with a few bathroom storage ideas for everything else.

Purpose built bathroom storage units offer greater storage capacity for bulky stuff you don’t need every day, like stacks of spare towels. It’s handy to keep these things in the bathroom (if only to avoid cluttering up the rest of your home), but you don’t have to have them at your fingertips.

Recommended Product: Basin and Toilet Combination Vanity Units

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