A bathroom needs to be a lot of things - soothing and energising throughout any typical day. Good lighting can make the difference between a welcoming and airy bathroom from a dingy closed room that's far from relaxing,

Natural Lighting

Make the most of natural lighting by letting as much sunlight in through the windows as possible. For privacy use frosted or patterned glass to protect your modesty! That way you can choose to get rid of curtains that might otherwise take up valuable space on the wall and make the who room look smaller than it actually is!

Casting Shadows

In the evenings rooms with just a single source of light in the ceiling can cast long shadows that will inevitably make the room darker and more dramatic! But to fix that, add one or two wall lights to make the room more evenly lit.

Also getting more focused light fittings directly above the wash basin will make it easier to enjoy for cleansing the face and brushing your teeth.

The Ultimate Trick: Mirrors

Not only do mirrors help reflect light to more areas of the bathroom. They help create a sense of space, fooling the eye into thinking the room is bigger. Some of our mirrors also feature LED lighting for that extra touch, for example our Hib Orb 60 Led Illuminated Mirror:

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