A good shower helps you freshen up and feel ready to take on the day. Get the best experience out of your shower with our Buyer's Guide to Showers - with handy tips on how to choose the best shower for you.

Things to Consider When Buying a Shower Mixer

Mixer showers are one of the most popular on the market. Largely thanks to their contemporary design, they are really durable and they are also really easy to maintain.

In order to provide you with a comfortable shower experience, they deliver hot water straight from the boiler and cold water straight from the mains. They mix together in the shower valve with dials to allow you to control the temperature to suit you.

If you live in a high water pressure area you’ll also experience a better flow of water than you would with an electric shower. However, if you live in a low pressure area you may need a pump to increase the water flow rate. The things you need to consider when choosing a shower mixer include:

  • Do you want manual or thermostatic valves?
  • Do you want a concealed or exposed mixer?
  • Shower mixer features
  • Shower mixer styles

These are the main things you need to focus on. Understanding your preferences and needs will help to determine which type of mixer you should opt for.

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Thermostatic Showers

Thermostatic showers are fast becoming the norm as have inbuilt technology that makes them safer and more reliable to use. A thermostatic cartridges helps automatically regulate water temperature unlike traditional manual showers.

It's greatest feature is that it will shutdown if either hot or water fails to prevent scalding. It also tries to prevent sudden changes in temperature - doing away with the old problem of freezing or scalding hot showers when when someone else is using water in the house!

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Concealed or Exposed Shower Mixer?

Once you’ve decided which type of shower mixer you need, it’s then time to decide whether you want it to be concealed or exposed.

Concealed Mixer

The concealed mixers tend to blend in with the rest of the bathroom. They are usually wall mounted with almost all the plumbing hidden in the wall and they can help to save space. There’s nothing worse than being in a small shower and constantly bumping into the mixer. If space is an issue then concealed mixers are worth looking at.

Exposed Mixer

Exposed shower mixers typically come in the form of bars. They come out a little from the wall and are fairly simple to install. They won’t provide the same blended experience as the concealed models, but they can still look stylish if you choose a good quality or vintage brand.

Shower Mixers’ Features

When trying to choose a shower mixer, it helps to take a look at the different features available. Some designs offer unique features that further enhance your shower experience:

  • A special coating prevents the mixer from heating up, so they will never get too hot to touch.
  • Another coating makes an extremely smooth surface, allowing for easier cleaning and repelling water stains.

Whether it is going to be a vintage or a modern style mixer, consider the above when choosing your next shower experience.

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