Having a small bathroom doesn't mean limiting your choices. With new designs for the more compact bathrooms and toilets, you can still have all the comforts and practicality of any bathroom.

Superior styling for small spaces

If you haven’t got much space in your bathroom, every millimetre counts. When you’re looking for bathroom ideas, almost all the ones you see are in generously spaced bathrooms with wide open areas with large furniture and bathroom fittings.

However, realisitically not every bathroom is like that! Each bathroom is unique and picking the right items with the style you want are crucial to making it work.

Measure carefully before you begin shopping, remember to factor in some ‘user room’ to your layout so you can move around comfortably within the space. Be on the look out for those all important keywords: slim, cloakroom, compact, and short projection…

Cloakroom suites

Our extensive range of bathroom furniture, basins and toilet for cloakroom suites feature sleek, contemporary styling and designs that have absolutely no wasted space - yet comfort and good looks have been prioritised as well.

Designed both to be fit for purpose and to squeeze into a tight space, cloakroom products like our Compact Wall hung basins are perfect for making the most of a mini bathroom.

Recommended Product: 360mm Bathroom Wall Hung Compact Basin

Keep it tidy

It may seem counter intuitive to add furniture to an already small bathroom, but closed storage can help alleviate that cluttered feeling that comes with having too much stuff on display in a small room.

This makes storage furniture one of the most important bathroom ideas for small bathrooms. When shopping for yours, look out for capacious internal storage space, flexible shelving (move it around to get the best fit with your items), and a slimline shape.

Our Cloakroom Wall-hung Vanity Units combine the functionality of a basin with space-saving storage underneath for a handy way to keep all bits and bobs hidden away from view. And with a variety of colours and finishes you don't have to compromise on style.

Recommended Product: ELSA 400mm Wall Hung White Gloss Vanity Unit

Tricks to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Furnishing a small bathroom isn’t just about choosing the right size fittings – the finishing touches matter too.

When mulling over those small bathroom design ideas, don’t forget that opting for light colours and reflective surfaces can help make your small space look and feel larger, and that adding a strategically placed mirror or a mirror cabinet can really open up a small space, reflecting light around the room and visually doubling the space.

When choosing a mirror or mirror cabinet, make sure you get a shape that’s right for your space (tall and slim, low and wide, large and square… really use the wall space you have to get maximum impact) and think about colour, too: a natural wood finish opposite a garden facing window could frame that reflected natural scenery; a dark finish will contrast with the silvery surface of the mirror in a monochrome room scheme; a pale colour will seem to vanish against a pale backdrop, reducing the bulky feeling of a large cabinet in a small space.

Recommended Product: Charlie Close Coupled Luxury Toilet Set